VHS & Camcorder Video to Mac Transfer Kit

All those old video tapes you own are slowly degrading. The longer you leave it, the more they’ll deteriorate.
Use our kit to make them digital and they’ll last a lifetime.

Copy all those old video tapes to your Mac, then upload to iTunes, iPad, Apple TV, Facebook, YouTube or burn to DVD.
Transfer your wedding video, school play, ski holiday, skydiving epic or safari adventure.

Contains all the USB leads, software and instructions required to link your VCR or camcorder to your Mac.

Using our kit you can:

  •  Convert VHS, S-VHS and Betamax video tapes to DVD using your Mac.
  • Grab video from any VCR or camcorder with a Scart or RCA output.
  • Attach any camcorder to your Mac – VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, Mini-DV.
  • Grab video from more modern set-top & satellite boxes.
  • Transfer old videos into your iTunes library and onto other devices.
  • Burn to DVD, copy to USB drive, or upload to backup sites like Dropbox.
  • Edit videos using iMovie or Final Cut Pro.
  • Copy to USB memory stick & watch them on your Smart TV or Apple TV box.
  • Share your old videos with friends & family on YouTube or Facebook.
  • Store backups of your precious videos safe in iCloud.

Kit Includes:

USB capture device

Scart & phono cables

Video capture software

Printed instructions

Video tutorial

UK phone/email support

Software included

  • Video Capture. Record from any VCR or camcorder to an MP4 video file. Footage can then be edited using Openshot, iMovie or Final Cut, imported into your iTunes library & copied to a DVD-R or USB memory stick.
  • Video Editing – edit your captured videos, add titles, transitions and music.
  • DVD Burning – Make a Video-DVD that will playback in any DVD player. Compatible with internal and external USB DVD writers.

Why risk sending your tapes away by post?

Our instructions are clear and concise.

We guarantee that you will turn a VHS tape into a DVD in an afternoon.

Money back if not delighted. Some recent eBay feedback below.

What will the kit copy? What won't it copy?

You’ll be able to copy all your own homemade videos and most things recorded from TV. Each shop-bought video we tried converted fine (Ivor The Engine, The Clangers, and the Bond movie Goldeneye)
Anything else you have, on what looks like a regular blank tape, should be transferable.
You can connect any older camcorder or VCR – we supply a one metre phono lead and a phono to Scart adapter.

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